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Enjoy the Freshness of 
A family owned business which has been growing Asparagus since 1988.

A Plate-to-Paddock Experience from the first grower of Asparagus in Carnarvon, Western Australia.

Hi, welcome to our page! I'm Markham, the owner of Ozsparagus :) Enjoy our website! If you have any questions, feel free to write to us.  We are also on Instagram and Facebook waiting for you!

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We have a diverse range of fresh great quality produce from green/white asparagus to passionfruit and pawpaw with so much more to come. If you are interested in purchasing see Contacts info!

White asparagus season has started! Going through to December each year. Short season - order produce while it's available. We also sell passionfruit, papaya with more coming up soon! See Our Produce to discover more!

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We creatively experimented with many ways white asparagus could be used, coming up with a delectable and child friendly menu of tapas, dessert and mains. Very much enjoyed by all our taste testers. See Recipes to discover how to create these delights!


I had the experience to taste Cj's menu.  It was all absolutely delicious.

Serena from Italy

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