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Passionfruit meringue

image_6487327 (9).JPG

What you need:

- 500g of pulp

-packets mini meringues (how ever many you like)


1.Fill meringues with pulp

2.Top with cream beaten with a little icing sugar, vanilla and juice of passionfruit. (Get the juice by putting some passionfruit pulp through a sieve)


 3. For the final display I recycle the plastic tray the meringues came in, I cut the corners off and put the larger cross shape upside down on the plate, brush with a little honey and sprinkled with icing sugar. I stack the corners on top of the cross and brush with honey and sprinkled with icing sugar. Then I stack my petite meringue nests on top. Make your tower of meringues as high as you want or maked a lot of small ones to cover your table.

Add the rest of the pulp to leftover cream with some gelatine (already swelled), then put into wee glasses or bowls and top with more pulp.

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