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White asparagus creamy Dessert your kids and family will love.

1. You can use the ends and whole pieces of asparagus (1 kg), peel them and put them into a kitchen whiz. 

2. Chop till fine.

3. Put into a pot, I added orange juice, little water just covering asparagus and sprinkle in some brown sugar or honey anything you use to make your sweets.

4. Boil then leave on slow boil until most liquid is evaporated, and it becomes thicker.

5. Blitzed it back in kitchen whiz.

6. Add cream cheese, vanilla essence and gelatine (previously mixed with water). 

7. You can make a base made of biscuits and melted butter blended, pressed and chilled.

8. Put into serving bowls or on top of biscuits base using individual bowls or in large slice tin. 

9. Decorate as you please. I use chocolate ice topping. Of course, you can use any juice you like white takes the flavors on.

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