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 Willing workers opportunities organically forming sculptures and farming.  Exchange ideas, learning about each other's cultures meeting new people from around the world.  Making friends. And most importantly learning a whole lot of new skills including us. 

We have Buster of course our first woofer.  

Just had the pleasure of having our first human woofer Jane.

And with her permission here is some of what she made and did on the farm

Come for your own experience.

IMG_2877 sunset Miaboolia_edited.jpg
IMG_4940 jane_edited_edited.jpg
IMG_4957 jane passionfruit.png
IMG_4940 jane_edited.jpg
IMG_4950 jane_edited.jpg

Do you want to come experience life our plantation 

At Emerald Planters Ozparagus we have always wanted to share.  And now we can share our lives here on the farm with you.

Farming and being creative is what we do.  Do you think outside the box or have innovative ideas?  Welcome.... you've found your wee place in Australia for a bit.

Where the desert meets the ocean.

Perth is known as the most remote city in the World. And we're 10 hours further north. 

You'll be living outta town in quiet surrounds with the birds chirping and wildlife and feel remote.  But town is a mere 15 mins away.


Oh and there are beaches in town and up the road two beautiful places Miaboolia and Blowholes a must to go see and cool off.   We took Jane and our French backpackers for a sunset photo shoot and swim.   With only a few hours work a day you'll have plenty of time to go explore.

There is the Space Museum, the Cactus Farm, the Gwoonwardu Mia art gallery and so much more to explore.

Come feed the chickens or pick the passionfruit. Process the asparagus.  Create new gardens and plant some trees.  Renovate paint create.   

It's up to you we provide the home, and food. We all have a wee a bit of knowledge right up to the elders.  You come and a create the experience you want to have.  email us on contact page.    Can't wait to make more friends.

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