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Markham's story

From Plate to Paddock: The Ozparagus Story

Coming from a tourism/hospitality background, I and Cj, my partner, start with the plate & work back to the paddock.

Growing asparagus here in sunny Carnarvon for over 30+years, my parents handed the reins over 3 years ago (see my interview with ABC Pilbara). They both still like to get up and farm alongside us - see Chris and Paquita's story page.  Since leasing this special place, the challenge is ours! Today we can proudly say that we are very honored to be in the top restaurants of Perth in WA.

Crop Field Aerial Shot

Our Values

Our passion and commitment are the reasons why we believe in the success of this plantation.

Core values include hard work and using initiative. It is very important for us to look for new INNOVATIVE farming practices to wow the top chefs and cooks at home. We believe that is the key, our tender care for growing our beautiful fresh produce and harvesting and packing by hand.

We also pay close attention to the QUALITY of our products at every stage of their growth. We have very passionate employees who carefully select the highest quality products for our customers.

Our CUSTOMERS are very important for us.  We would like to create a relationship with our customers.  We care a lot about their opinions and we are always ready to listen to them. We believe that customers are an indispensable resource for growing Ozparagus. We look forward to building a long and happy relationship with you!

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